The 10 Year Anniversary Tour

The 10 Year Anniversary Tour

5 Seasons

It's our 10 year anniversary and we wanted to take you behind the scenes more than ever as you join us on our journey across the globe.

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The 10 Year Anniversary Tour
  • Table Football and Flugel in Utrecht

    Episode 1

    The European Tour and Season 3 begin in Utrecht, Netherlands

  • Amsterdayuuum

    Episode 2

    In episode 2 of season 3 we stop off in Amsterdam for another hot, sweaty and amazing show on our 10 Year Anniversary Tour.

  • Tops & Teas in Brussels

    Episode 3

    Favourite Haribo chat and Brad can't decide what to wear, plus more in Episode 3, Brussels, exclusive on The Vamps Plus.

  • Touring Tips from Tris In Paris

    Episode 4

    Episode 4 and we stop in Paris for another incredible show in France. Tris shows us how not to pack and we forget to learn french.

  • Brad Cam In Cologne

    Episode 5

    The dryer's on but there's no clothes in it. It'll make more sense if you watch, promise. Thank you Cologne!

  • SuperBrad Frankfurt

    Episode 6

    We arrive in Frankfurt tired, talking about skydiving and riding horses, and lots more in episode 6 of season 3 on our 10 Year Anniversary World Tour Vamps + series.

  • A Weekday In Munich

    Episode 7

    Episode 7 lands us in Munich, Germany where Brad has an eventful shopping spree and more...

  • The Vamps Feat. Jay In Zurich

    Episode 8

    Fan of the band Jay joins us on stage for Would You and Connor opens his nail bar for business in this episode of our 10 Year Anniversary Tour Series.

  • Tris Reveals All In Milan

    Episode 9

    Welcome to episode 9 of series 3, we stop off in Milan and Tris's Mum joins us.

  • A McVacancy in Warsaw

    Episode 10

    Join three of us whilst we long for James in Warsaw. The final show of our European tour. Thank you Poland, and thank you every single one of you.